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Supplying artwork

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To be certain your artwork is "print ready" use the check list below to ensure it meets the following requirements.

arrow ....FILE FORMAT - We accept artwork files as "print ready" only if it is in PDF or EPS format. PDF is the preferred format as it will keep your text nice and crisp - if you use JPEG then use the highest quality you can and make sure your artwork is at least 350dpi (ideally 600dpi).

Instructions on creating "print ready artwork" PDFs for commercial print can be found at

arrow ....RESOLUTION - To ensure your files print clearly all artwork including images must be supplied at a resolution of at least 300dpi in CMYK. Anything lower than this may result in blurry, bit mapped or pixilated print.

Note: images used from the web are 72dpi and although they look fine on screen they are NOT suitable for full colour printing.

arrow ....COLOURS - CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is an industry-standard formula designed to give the most precise colour reproductions. Artwork received using Pantone, Spot or RGB (commonly Web colours) will be converted into CMYK format, this may cause some colours to change.

Our CMYK Print Workflow uses technology not commonly available to home/office printers or monitors and is calibrated and maintained to a recognised industry standard (ISO / FOGRA). As such your printer or screen should only be used as a guide and not to accurately proof a colour.

arrow .... FONTS - Due to the vast number of different fonts, all fonts used must be embedded or outlined before sending us the final artwork. Failure to do this could result in an alternative style being used automatically.

arrow ....BLEED - Bleed is used when any part of an image, background, colour or line is to print the very edges of the finished product. For example if you wanted the background of a BUSINESS CARD, FLYER OR BROCHURE to be red, the colour must bleed past all edges. If not due to minor variations in printing and trimming, white lines could be seen on some or all of the edges. The bleed requirements are 3mm all round. DO NOT draw a frame as is shown below, this is a guide only. Please supply trim marks as shown below where the cards are to be trimmed. The borders below are there only to show you the edge of the card.

arrow ....TEXT - All text must be a safe distance from the edge, a minimum of 4mm margin is recommended.




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